This sequel to Elementary Mathematics for Teachers (EMT) is designed for a second semester-length mathematics course for teachers.  The text develops measurement and geometry, year-by-year through grades 8.  It also includes material on probability and data analysis. 

Elementary Geometry for Teachers cover

Elementary Geometry for Teachers, like EMT, is used in conjunction with six school textbooks from Singapore (two of these are also used with EMT).  The homework sets include exercises that ask students to read a section in a Primary Math book, do the problems, and study the material from a teachers' perspective.


  • The material focuses directly on the mathematics relevant to teachers.
  • The focus is always on mathematics; this is not a "teaching methods" course.
  • The text is divided into short sections, each with a homework set, of a size appropriate for a single class session.
  • Prospective teachers are asked to write "Teacher's Solutions” to problems and to write "Elementary Proofs”.  These are specific ways of presenting geometry content to students that are standard in some of the world's most highly-regarded curricula.  The emphasis is on building and perfecting skill at writing clear, concise solutions.
  • The Singapore school textbooks serve as teacher guides.  They provide examples and activities that teachers can use in their classrooms, and provide many insights into teaching.

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